Ferguson Fall Invitational Tournament


Below are links (boys and girls) that will take you to a google form. If you would like to register a team in our Ferguson's Fall Invitational Tier 2 (6-8) volleyball tournament then follow the link and fill in the form. If the tournament is full, you may still submit a registration and your team will be placed on the wait list. You will be contacted shortly after registration with confirmation of your place in the tournament. 

The girls tournament is currently full, however you can still register to be places on the wait list. 

Boys Team Registration      Girls Team Registration

Tournament Information

Have a great summer everyone!!

Check back here for more information in the fall!

Tournament Rules

Any unruly parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling or family friend who is asked to exit the gym due to their behaviour, will do so WITH the child that they are there "supporting." 

After captains are called, each team will get 5 minutes on the court to hit and serve.  It will be the coach's job to watch the clock and serve for the final minute if they want to.  Our referees will be taking a break between games and will not be managing warm-ups.

1) Game balls shall be Tachikara Volley Lite 

2) A single server can only serve the ball 5 consecutive times.  After the 5th point is awarded, the serving team must rotate and a new server serves (possession of the serve is maintained). 

3) Any player attempting an underhand serve may serve from 2 meters closer to the net.  All overhand serves must follow normal volleyball service rules.

4) Substitutions - There are unlimited substitutions per game per team.  Player A can sub in for player B, but then player B can sub back in for ANY PLAYER.  It does not have to be for player A provided the coach is not trying to sub a player in and out so that he/she can serve every other rotation. 

5) Net Height 

Girls - 2.04m 

Boys - 2.14m