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Property Retrieval on Friday, March 20

Property Retrieval on Friday March 20th

D.A. Ferguson and W.R. Myers are requesting parents to come to the school to pick up their child’s materials from their locker on Friday March 20. We have been provided with guidelines from Alberta Education on how this should work. Locks have been removed from the lockers to make them easy to access. Please only open lockers that belong to your child. We have labelled the lockers with each child’s name and will have lists available at the school if your child has forgotten their locker number. Please come with an appropriate sized bag(s) to place all materials in to take home. We are going to do our best to keep within AHS guidelines. Teachers have been asked to work from home to keep the number of people in the building to under 50 at a time. We appreciate your cooperation during this process.

1)Parents only if possible.
2)Please come in your designated time.
3)Please come with a bag large enough to hold student(s) belongings.
4)As much as we value the school being a place to visit and socialize we are requesting that you do not spend longer than 10 minutes in the school. This is one of our reasons for not having students retrieve their materials.
5)We have had inquiries regarding refunds for events that have been postponed/cancelled. The office will not be providing refunds on this day.

Parents who wish to come in and pick up personal belongings, binders, textbooks, and supplies are asked to use the following schedule. If you are unable to follow this schedule please contact the office to make alternate arrangements.
Last names starting with:

A-B 10:00-10:30
C-D 10:30-11:00
E-G 11:00-11:30
H-I 11:30- 12:00
J-K 12:00-12:30
L-M 12:30-1:00
N-P 1:00-1:30
R-S 1:30-2:00
T-V 2:00-2:30
W-Z 2:30-3:00

If you are unable to come during your designated time, please call the office at (403) 223-2292 W.R. Myers or (403)223-8971 for D.A. Ferguson to make other arrangements. If you have recently returned from international travel, please make arrangements for someone else to pick up your children's belongings.
We will be providing additional updates on the continuation of classes in an online or different format in the coming days. Thank you all for your patience and understanding today as we work through and process the situation at hand.
Be well everyone,
D.A. Ferguson and W.R Myers Administration

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