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Grade 6 Supply List

D.A. Ferguson Middle School

Grade 6 Supply List for 2018-2019


  1. Ten pencils
  2. Two red marking pens
  3. Two packages blue pens
  4. Two sharpies (black/ultra fine)
  5. One highlighter
  6. One package pencil crayons
  7. Two packages of dividers
  8. One package of 500 lined loose leaf paper
  9. One eraser
  10. One glue stick
  11. One 30 cm ruler (non-flex rulers please)
  12. One package of reinforcements
  13. One pencil sharpener
  14. Four  1  1/2 binders (no bigger please)
  15. One pencil case
  16. Four duo tangs
  17. Two boxes of Kleenex
  18. One pair of sharp scissors
  19. One calculator
  20. One geometry set (Oxford is the best)
  21. One pkg of felt markers
  22. One coil graph paper in scribbler
  23. One pkg of glue sticks (mini size)


Padlock will be provided by school.


Rubber soled running shoes with a good arch support and WITH LACES

(Due to safety concerns “skate” shoes are an inappropriate choice for gym footwear)

Sweat pants or gym shorts.

Bag for Phys. Ed clothes and runners to be kept at school.  The bag could be a plastic shopping bag or a regular gym bag.

Access to badminton racquet and baseball glove.

PLEASE LABEL ALL SUPPLIES (including pencils/pencils , etc.