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Grade 7 Students were apart of Journey 2050

The journey to the year 2050, will be faced with challenges as the world becomes an ever complex place.  As populations expand to a projected 9 billion people, places such as the prairies, communities such as Taber, and the kids who will become the future decision makers will have a profound impact upon not only our community but upon the world. Journey 2050 served as a portal into this prospective world of the future. It forced kids to think about what role they can and would be able to play in a sustainable future. As well as, what changes they can instill in themselves and their families right now. DA Ferguson Middle School is committed to engaging our students as a part of a rural community. Journey 2050 focuses upon education under the general theme of Agriculture.

“We learned about things that we never would have thought of before (or have taken for granted): How to preserve food?; How to protect the environment?; How much water we are using for a shower?; or, How much water was used to grow food.?” KW (Gr. 7 Student)

“The games led the students from a really simple level to a more complex level.  This was positive in that it demonstrated to the kids that farming is not about just throwing some seeds in the ground.  It is about the real work that farmers have to do, the resources that they have, the marketing they have to do and the complexity of modern farming. The game especially highlighted the choices that farmers must make, and what it takes to be successful.” Mrs. Krchnak (Gr. 7 Teacher)

“We got good ideas on how to change the world and how to develop better as a community.” LK (Gr. 7 Student)

“Journey 2050 made me more compassionate about the places with less water, food, and resources.  It has made me take less long showers, not use as much water, and just generally more water aware.  I started to think about what it would be like in 2050.” AB and TH (Gr. 7 Students).