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DA Ferguson Three Year Education Plan-Combined Annual Education Results for 2017-2020

DA Ferguson Three Year Education Plan- Combined Annual Education Results for 2017-2020


Principals Message- Holly Godson


The education landscape is ever evolving and changing to meet the needs of our future generations and the learners of today.  It is our goal, as DAF Staff and Learning Community, to provide a 21st century Inclusive Learning Community that engages and empowers all learners for success.   Our goal, students who are Future Ready!  How? The foundation of change revolves around the five key words embedded in the daily practice of D.A. Ferguson Middle thus D.A.F.5!  In our hearts we BELIEVE that D.A. Ferguson is the best middle school ever!  We TRUST that all team members will do their very best to help us grow as a learning community.  We rely on HONESTY that will help us make better decisions, learn from our mistakes and grow as individuals.  RESPECT is a part of our daily expectations (respect of self, respect towards others, respect of family and community).   Last but not least, we encourage RESPONSIBILITY - as students, teachers, support staff, parents and communities, we all have the responsibility to be active participants in the educating of our future generations.     
Recognizing the diversity of learners within our learning community and the ever-changing education landscape, the D.A. Ferguson team is constantly revisiting, reviewing and reassessing our own professional growth.  Over the course of the next three years, we are committed to:  Improving literacy and numeracy proficiency across the grade levels.  Focus on Student Engagement through student choice, bringing meaning and relevance to learning, and student voice (Fine Arts, Career and Technology Foundations… etc.). Learners will set and accomplish goals through ownership of personal learning in an inclusive culture.    Align structures and practices with the HSD Response to Instruction and Intervention Framework   Creating Cultural Awareness and Diversity  Focus on Health and Wellness – the whole child, the whole teacher, the whole community… etc.   Enhance the professional capacity for responsible, effective and purposeful use of technology by all learners  Increase parent and community engagement through reciprocal and collaborative relationships.   


We encourage all parents to take a look at the Three Education Plan for 2017-2020.  The full document can be found under school documents or by clicking on the following link.