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Haudenosaunee Inquiry Project

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Grade 7 Science Review Booklets

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Trees and Forests

Space Science

Evidence and Investigation

Air and Aerodynamics/Flight

Mystery Links (Evidence and Investigation)

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Name Meanings

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Around the World Links

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Flight Links

Canadian Museum of Flight - Links to websites of distinction

Properties of Air and Characteristics

Grade 6 Science Links

Teacher Resources

The Thrill of Flight

4-6 - Canada Aviation Museum

Flight - Queen's University

CSA - KidSpace

Amelia Earhart: First Lady of Flight

Future Flight Design

Our Favorite Paper Airplanes

Re-Living the Wright Way - NASA

Teacher Planet: Aviation Day Theme Page


Math Websites

Spy Guys

Golden Ratio Web Sites

Change Maker

Unfolding Polyhedra

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Shawnee Mission School District Teachers and Students Links

Steffen Weber's Home Page (3-D shapes)

Teaching Time - Teaching Tools

Math Fact Cafe

Illuminations Selected Web Resources - Geometry

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