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These homework help sites were been selected and reviewed by the students in Mrs. Tschritter's Grade 7 and 8 Computers classes in September 2002.  D. A. Ferguson School can assume no responsibility for the content of any sites linked to those on our list.  Please report broken links or any sites that contain questionable material to our web master, Mrs. Tschritter.  If you know of any other good sites, please email us about them too.


General Homework Sites


Language Arts


Kid Friendly Search Engines and Web Guides

One Key (Google)


Ask Jeeves Kids



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General Homework Sites
A made in Alberta site for teachers and students.
Homework Help at
for Teens
Designed for students in Grades 7 to 9.
Kids Love Designed for students in K-Grade 6.
Homework Helper Canadian information, students may ask questions of the experts
Schoolwork Ugh! "It is a good site for research."  "It was easy to find and has lots of information"  Links with brief descriptions.
Student Guide � Discovery 
Discovery School Sitemap

Discovery School Math
homework help

Study tools, games, on-line adventures - Tonnes of info.
Multnomah County Library Homework Center  categorized, annotated links to specific topic sites and other homework link collections.  Part of the Multnomah County Library web site (Portland, Oregon)
Homework Help Part of the Los Angeles Public Library web site
National Geographic National Geographic Society homework help  Homework Help, Science Fair Project Ideas, Math Help,
Homework Helper

categorized links to subject related web pages, reference sites, games  Encyclopedias,
maps, online libraries, quotations,
dictionaries, & more.
web based library
AOL@SCHOOL links, homework help, forums, downloadable study guides, teacher resources, international links, news
Nevada Kids Page � Homework Help links to homework sites, resources, and online magazine for kids
KidsClick! Vast array of links with brief descriptions
Homework High Help with all subjects.  Students can post questions which are answered by teachers.  An online chatline is available (open in the evenings, but this site originates in the UK).  "You can learn a lot about all the subjects and a lot of other stuff like tips on homework."
Homework Help for Students Grades 6-12 Tutorials and categorized links to many sites "great helper with research"
Ask Jeeves Kids links to reference materials, search engine, limited subjects
"It is easy to read.  It is colourful and easy to get around in."
Kid Info "It has lots of subjects you can get help with." must register (free), sections for kids, teens, parents, and teachers. 
Homework Help from all subjects, some tutorials, students may post questions in the forum  "awesome sight!!" �It has any topic you could be looking for."

B. J. Pinchbeck�s Homework Helper
Links to over 700 sites, students may post questions  "It's fun, it gives you help, it has games, and it has fun questions."
Infoplease Homework Center subject related homework help, tips for developing study skills
Information Please:  On-Line Dictionary,
Internet Encyclopedia, Atlas,
& Almanac Reference


general information source, links to dictionaries, atlases, other references
About Homework and Study Tips a variety of school based articles and links
Enchanted Learning Software Home Page articles about many topics "Easy to read and understand.  Good pictures."
More Sites for Homework Help Categorized links to many sites covering all subjects.  "It has many subjects that you can get help with."
The Kids on the Web: Homework Tools links to dictionaries, encyclopedias, other homework sites
Family sometimes difficult to find exactly what you are looking for, mainly articles for parents

Homework help section.

Your Learning Destination 
Sample pages from a fee-for-use website.  Has limited topics, but has multimedia examples and real-life examples.

Homework Articles 
Articles for parents on the topic of homework
My Homework Help Page!
(everything you need for homework)
study tips and links to websites
Kid Bistro Homework A small selection of links to other sites
Mrs. Dowling�s Virtual Classroom A Virtual School classroom.  Has good information but not all topics are complete.
United links to information about cities in the United States

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Math Sites


Homework Facts:  Math math tips and lessons � World of Math Online Homework help, games, lessons and demonstrations, online practice exercises, calculators, and tools.  �It gives you questions of math and helps you with the question.�
Webmath Study tools, games, on-line adventures �Tonnes of info�
flashcards, games, printable worksheets
Math Goodies:  Free Interactive
Math Lesson, Homework Help,
Worksheets, Puzzles and Much More!
Interactive math lessons, primarily for Grades 5-8.  Students may post questions which will be answered by teachers.  Forums for parents and teachers.
Math League Help Topics Math topics for Grades 4 � 8.  �The information is readable and easy to understand.�
The Math Forum Home Page Lots of math information, students may submit questions or search the archive of previously submitted questions.  Includes games, challenges, and math tips. � Kids K-12
Math, Games, Algebra,
Music, Chinese, Reading
practice quizzes, simple games
Education 4 Kids Math and vocabulary drills
Math Homework Help mostly high school topics, but has links to other math sites

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Language Arts sites


WordCentral.Com � Dictionary �
Daily Buzzword � Word Games -
Language Arts, fun with words  �It gives information and activities at the same time.�
Schoolwork Ugh! �It is a good site for research.�  �It was easy to find and has lots of information�  Links with brief descriptions. � Kids K-12
Math, Games, Algebra,
Music, Chinese, Reading
practice quizzes, simple games

Education 4 Kids 
Math and vocabulary drills

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Science Sites


A Primer on Climate Change A Canadian site (Environment Canada) about climate
Exploratorium:  the museum of
science, art and human perception
On-line Science museum
Voyager part of the NASA site.  All about the Voyager mission.
Science Magazine Home advanced science related articles
Cool Science for Curious Kids limited content, mostly elementary, some projects

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